Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Pexels

Xiaoxiao Zhang

I am currently studying International Journalism at the University of Melbourne and have an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Essex.

Who am I

My name is Xiaoxiao Zhang, or you can call me Jessica. I will enrich my field experience in the future, focus on news reporting and writing, dare to reveal the truth and be committed to providing accurate and in-depth news analysis and reporting. I am full of confidence in this.

My works

Here is a show of my work, which covers my thesis and the multimedia projects I participated in. Please look forward to more of my works!

My videos

Here is the video work that I participated in the competition. From topic copywriting to editing and production, I am done by myself. 

My life

This is a small world of my life, and I will share everything interesting in my life here. Maybe it's a diary, maybe it's a travel photo, maybe it's delicious food. So, please be full of imagination about it ~

Contact Me

My inbox is always open, you can contact me with the contact form here